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BASIX Certificate

BASIX Certificate

BASIX Certificate: In NSW a Development Application for new dwellings as well as alterations and additions must be accompanied by a BASIX Certificate. The commitments addressed in the BASIX Certificate must be adhered to throughout the construction process and building certifiers make sure that all the requirements in a BASIX Certificate are being deployed in the final building. BASIX online tool is used to prepare and issue a BASIX Certificate which is mandatory to follow when it is submitted to the council for that Development Application. In order to learn more about the scheme and its fundamental concepts visit our BASIX page.

A BASIX certificate will be printed by the online tool only if specific targets for all indices in the tool are reached. The online tool measures these targets based on the building characteristics and the nominated sustainability provisions introduced by the user. All this information is reflected on the BASIX certificate in the end and will be obligatory for the project's developer. To learn more about the indices visit our BASIX targets page

It is important to remember that commitments introduced on a BASIX certificate must be reflected on the building plans and must be followed during the construction operation. Therefore anything other than an optimized set of commitments for that particular development will culminate in extra costs introduced to the construction of the project while the same degree of compliance could have been reached in the BASIX Certificate with less expensive elements.

Any changes to the building specifications like geometry, size, orientation or material will require a revised BASIX Certificate to be issued to the council to reflect those changes. The revised certificate will need to address the DA lodgement date and DA number in the council that the certificate was lodged. Once issued to the council a BASIX certificate can only by revised and cannot be replaced or revoked by the applicant but before lodgement, a certificate can be replaced as many times as necessary.

Apply for a BASIX Certificate

To Apply for a BASIX Certificate please contact us or follow this simple procedure entirely online:

1- Download
Information Checklist for Single Dwelling BASIX Certificate or
Information Checklist for Multi Unit BASIX Certificate and
prepare required information in the relevant checklist.

2- Download and fill the application form for BASIX Certificate

3- Submit this information and your building plans to and you will receive the Service Fee Proposal for your BASIX Certificate in shortest amount of time.

If your building fails to meet the requirements of BASIX Certificate you will be provided with free consultancy advice by our experienced engineers on how to improve the performance of your development.